The OpusTrak Public Roadmap

Keeping our customers and prospects informed of the platform's intended Development path

About this Roadmap

Our Roadmap is designed to capture high level overview of the development plan of the OpusTrak platform over time. It will be regularly updated and provides our customers and prospects insights into the direction of development travel to hopefully inspire confidence in our offering. We believe in transparency and this will form a part of that as we partner with our customers to ensure maximum value in their investment.

Near Term: Actively Developing and/or target delivery 1 to 3 months.
Mid Term Term: 3 to 12 months.
Long Term: > 1 year.

The desire to be as open and transparent as possible translates to also providing a guide to timelines. The various timeline "Terms" set out in this Roadmap are approximations only and we reserve the right to alter the order and timescales. Software development can be punctuated with unforeseen circumstances whether external or internal which may require the need pull resources from the Development Workstreams to focus on events that require immediate attention (e.g. bug fixes and security patching). However, the Roadmap represents the intent and it will be kept up to date should changes occur.
Near Term

New feature that builds on Forms Checklist. Best described as Forms Engine will give the ability for forms to be built and tailored to specific use cases (RAMS, Compliance checking etc)

A Dashboard area that will show high level data in a grapical representation. The intent will be to make these configurable and users can tailor to suit their needs (however this will be v2).
Mid Term

A Quote builder exists today but it will be improved. It will be moved outside of the Job/Task workflow where it sits today. This will enable Contract Managers / Job administrators to easily build a quote and issue to potential customers.

As a result of improving Quote Builder, the quote itself can be promoted to a job with a click of a button.

Quotes will have their own page list much like current Job list.

Building on Dashboard v1. Dashboard v2 will see dashboards become configurable so that users can tailor to suit their needs.
Long Term

Building on the Resource Planner, the idea is to provide additional means to create a job/task and adjust the Resources assigned on a graphical interface. This will provide a quick way for managers to manage workflows on the fly in an intutive way.

OpusTrak is a job lifecycle platform with roots in providing data for businesses to see how profitable their jobs and by extention the business is. True Profitability is linked to productivity as long as the true cost of a resource is determined. To help establish productivity OpusTrak would like to provide a tool to help customers calculate true baseline costs. The more accurate the baseline costs are the more accurate the profitabilty of a business and therefore its productivity.

Supplementing Quote Builder which in terms of Job lifecycle is at the beginning, the building out of Invoices represents other end point of the Job lifecycle. This will give customers should they choose an ability to generate invoices to send to customers or at least provide key data to input into their invoicing tool.