Our mission is to enable business owners improve their profitability.

OpusTrak is a Web Application Platform where time saving features combine to produce the data forensics necessary to make informed business decisions in a bid to improve profitability and increase productivity.

We now have a Beta version running successfully and actively looking for potential customers to partner with so we can accelerate onto the next phase of our journey which is to unlock the value of the many great businesses that are out there.

Transparency is key as we partner with our customers and prospects to ensure maximum value in their investment. Providing access to our roadmap gives insights into the direction of development travel which will hopefully inspire continued confidence in our offering.

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Product Beginnings

In 2019, just prior to the pandemic, Pinnstream Ltd were approached by Durabilis. The business owner had been looking for a costing tool to help identify where exactly they were not making enough profit. Having carried out research in the market place, it was found that existing tools were either very complicated with too many features, very expensive (often both) or simply not providing what they needed. He asked if we could help.


Product Development

Although the pandemic created huge disruption over the course of 2020, development still progressed. There were the inevitable stops and starts, which is not optimal when creating a new system from the ground up. Throughout 2021, traction was regained and good progress made whilst adopting agile development methodology.


Alpha rollout

In spite of the pandemic, Durabilis started to use an Alpha version of OpusTrak in anger, early 2022. However it became very obvious that the Web App function for those in the field fell short as many on them worked in remote areas with poor reception. Any loss of connectivity severely curtailed the system operation and so a fully fledged Mobile Application for iOS and Android was developed to get around this major hurdle. Full functionality along with Mobile App was achieved in mid-late 2022 and obvious benefits in utilisation of the product were soon realised.


Beta rollout & beyond

Continuous development and ongoing tweaks are being made, with further new features planned in not too distant future. It is with much appreciation and gratitude to Durabilis' team who showed all the patience we needed to develop a product that provides value. It is now ready to move from an alpha phase to a beta phase and we are actively seeking opportunities to partner with small businesses to trial OpusTrak and develop further.

For more information on product development please see our public product roadmap.

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