Business Health

Obtain real time business health insights

The Business Health aspect of the platform enables management to easily conduct business forensics in ways that are easy to understand.

**Available soon** Configurable Dashboards

Dashboards show a graphical representation of your business health at a glance and are configurable to suit invidual requirements.

Reporting Engine

A set of reports can be configured, saved and shared, enabling a deep level of analysis. The possibilities here are vitually endless and reports can be tailored to specific needs.

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Key Features (Soon to be available)

Dashboard configured for Business Health Monitoring

  • Set of charts to help gauge current health of your business at a glance.
  • Ability to change duration on the fly.
  • Save and lock set of charts on your dashboard.
  • Save and lock charts for different user profiles within your business.
  • Key Features

    Reporting Engine to build reports for Business Health Analysis

  • The data collection nature of the Platform means business owners can drill down into previously untapped information pools.
  • Different reports for different individuals can be built, saved, shared and indeed ringfenced.
  • Insights with varying degrees of sophistication can gained with no programing knowledge.
  • Better, more informed business decisions can be made as a result of the reporting engine.
  • ...