Finance Tools

The data generated by the platform provides useful information

To properly understand the profitability of work carried out, true costs (to the business) and the charges to the customer is tracked. This naturally provides useful data inputs for finance or accounts teams.

**Available soon** Invoice Generation

Invoices to customers can be sent straight from the platform or simply used for data inputs to preferred accounting systems.

Reporting Engine

Thanks to the granularity of the data generated, reports can be tailored specifically for the benefit of Finance teams.

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Key Features (Soon to be available)

The built-in invoice generator provides options

  • With a couple of clicks, invoices can be issued to customers straight from the platform.
  • Or the data used to produce the invoice can provide the inputs to any accounting software that is used issue invoices.
  • Also potentially saves on time and paper.
  • Digital records easy to secure and save (7 years requirement for businesses).
  • Key Features

    Reporting Engine to build reports for Finance teams

  • The data collection nature of the Platform provides a plethora of information ripe for Finance teams within your business.
  • Different reports for different individuals can be built, saved, shared and where needed ringfenced.
  • Insights with varying degrees of sophistication can gained with no programing knowledge.
  • Better, more informed financial decisions can be made as a result of the reporting engine.
  • ...