Task Management

Less time wasted on Admin

The biggest asset are those working on the ground. A big focus is providing the tools to get work done with the minimum of hassle.

Automated Timesheets

Utilising the Mobile App, tasks/jobs are assigned, creating a work schedule and by keeping track with a few clicks, timesheets are filled in automatically and so eliminating paperwork and reducing human error.

Mobile App

The Mobile App is like a work mate. Designed to be simple and straight forward to use, it will operate even when out of signal range which is usually a major problem for tools like this.

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Key Features

Automated timesheets saves everyone time and effort

  • Resources in the field no longer need to fill out pieces of paper at the end of day, week or month.
  • Resources do not even need to fill in timesheets in a system either, it is handled automatically all within the Mobile App.
  • Literally only a couple of clicks is needed, reducing the chances of errors and mistakes.
  • The office managers have the tools they need to approve or adjust if or when needed.
  • Key Features

    Mobile App is the tool the field use anytime and anywhere

  • Available for the iPhone or an Android.
  • Work list appears on the App ready for field workers to confirm / accept.
  • A simple click of buttons to start, hold and complete the work assigned - this is all that is needed to automate timesheets.
  • Notifications within the App, Messaging capability, upload files, take pictures, view timesheets - all the simple but crucial tools available to carry out work in the field.
  • The Mobile App has been built to operate even in remote areas with no connectivity.
  • ...