Job Planner

A place where Office Managers can plan out work

Those responsible for planning work and assigning resources have the tools do do this all on one platform, saving time, money and effort.

System Interface

Managers have all they need to create jobs/tasks or projects for different types of customers and assign resources, establish requirments and the ability to make adjustments when needed.

Quote builder (Enhancements in the near term)

Some Jobs or Projects are big and complex requiring careful consideration, which is where the quote builder comes in. Assigning resource types and materials is easy, helping to create accurate quotes.

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Key Features

Office Managers need the tools to run and operate

  • Ability to easily create and assign the jobs / work for the field.
  • Manage work flows and make adjustments on the fly where needed.
  • Reconcile the work carried out in field marries with the work set to be done.
  • When needed adjust and approve timesheets that are automated in the system.
  • Key Features (enhancements expected)

    Quotes often form a bulk of work to be carried out

  • Quote builder is where complex jobs can be planned out and broken down, enabling more accurate quotes.
  • Provides the business confidence in their quote issuance.
  • Customers will have greater confidence in the quotes that are issued to them, especially large jobs where breakdown may be needed.
  • As part of the roadmap more development work is expected to be carried out to enhance this feature.
  • ...