Job Task Lifecycle Tool for businesses today

The OpusTrak platform helps businesses easily streamline their work streams via smart time saving features.



The OpusTrak Platform is a comprehensive Job Costing Tool and does this effectively by also simplifying & streamlining your business processes. OpusTrak does this thanks to features like timesheet automation, work management & business health reporting. All in one powerful Web Application which is supplemented by a Mobile App (iOS and Android).

Business Health
Dashboard & Reports

Comprehensive, highly configurable reports & dashboards providing deep insights into business health.

Finance Tools
**Available soon** Quotes & Invoices

Invoice Generation, configurable cost/charge modelling, quote builder.
See roadmap

Job Planner
Manage Work Assignments

Streamlined process to generate job cards, assign resources who are notified to acknowledge via mobile app.

Work Management
Automated timesheets

Assigned work via a mobile app allows resource to focus on the job without worrying about timesheets.

"Many business owners do not have the processes or systems in place that can provide the necessary insights into the true profitability of what they deliver to their customers on a day to day basis. The data provided by the platform enables business leaders to make well informed business decisions."
Richard Shine / Co-Founder, OpusTrak

How well do you know your own business?

Your Accounts

Do you have enough information available to make decisions to improve productivity?

"The submitted yearly accounts only go so far..."

Business Processes

Does the day to day activity serve to help or hinder your business?

"Often processes could be better streamlined..."

Valuable Resources

Are your employees as productive as they would like to be?

"Today's data driven world can create unintended consequences..."

Systems & Products

Are the business tools you invest in improving or hindering your profit margins?

"Savings made yesterday may be costing more today..."